Your Question

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Every human being has a nagging question buried deep within them, and most of what we do is an attempt to get an answer.  The question?  “Can I ever be the person that I long to be?” or put another way, “Can I ever become the person I know in my heart I was created to be?”  Here are some of the answers that we have settled for;

“No, that person you wish you were is a childish dream.”

“No, but you’re doing pretty well considering what you’ve been through.  This might be the best you can do for now.”

“No, but why not work on making it look as if you were.  How you are perceived is really what it’s all about.”

“You already are.  Ignore all those idiots who don’t seem to recognize that fact.”

“Stop being so introspective!  You don’t have time for daydreaming, you’ve got to check your email”


God’s answer; “There is a way, but the road is narrow and not many people choose to take it.”  If you set foot on that road you will never be the same.  It’s real!  Everything that has happened since Genesis 3 has been a battle over that question.