Your Queen is Dying

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“our schools, our systems, our retirement things, our taxes are all built around this notion of doing what you’re told, and now we don’t know what to do”  Seth Godin

Several years ago I hired an exterminator to get rid of the carpenter ants that were eating the house I was living in.  He sprinkled some poison around the outside of the house, the kind of poison that when the ants carry it back to the nest it kills most of the colony.  When he stopped back at a later date to check on how it worked we noticed that there were solitary ants sitting around.  They seemed to be unharmed, but they literally were just sitting in one spot not moving one bit the whole time we stood there.  He explained to me that when the queen is killed the ants that have survived don’t know what to do so they just stand there in one place and don’t move.

I think we all have a version of the queen in our lives.  Maybe it’s the corporation that you work for, maybe it’s the religion you practice, maybe it’s the government, maybe it’s the set of cultural norms that you’ve bought into.  You probably get a lot done under that system.  Whatever it is that is telling you what to do next, what would you do if it were gone?  Would you just stand there?  This is a fundamental question about who you are and what you were meant to bring to the world.  We should work on answering this question.  Seth Godin explains how all the old systems that we rely on to tell us what to do are beginning to crumble.