Your Heart

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Life seems so clear and simple when we are very young, doesn’t it?  Is that because we are sheltered from reality?  Is it because we have a false view of the world?  I don’t think so.  I think it is because we are still living out of our hearts.  Eventually a conflict emerges between our hearts and the world.  The pressure to fit into the system is overwhelming and slowly a shift takes place.  We move from living out of the treasure within us, to living according to what the world asks of us.  We develop a survival strategy which always involves silencing our hearts.  However, we can only tolerate living like this for so long.  Eventually we begin searching the world over for some source of life, but nobody ever finds it.  Some people make it look good for a while but in the end the truth becomes evident.

We must remember our hearts.  We must let them come back to the surface.  You will find that your heart is deeply wounded… and that is where everything that Jesus of Nazareth ever said comes into focus.  He doesn’t live in a church somewhere.  You can’t find him by searching the world.  He stands at the door to your heart and knocks.  He comes to restore you and to dwell in you.