You Get What You Seek

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“It’s very important to know that finding is reserved for the searchers” – Jim Rohn

“The one who seeks finds” – Matthew 7:8

You get what you seek.  You don’t necessarily get what you need, or what you really want, you just get what you seek.  If a comfortable place is what you seek then don’t walk with Jesus.  It seems he is all about leaving comfortable places behind.  We are most comfortable with the things that are familiar but he is leading us to a new place, a place we aren’t familiar with.  We should let that sink in.  We are on our way to a place that is much different than where we are now.  It would follow that there will be some discomfort along the way as we let go of the familiar.  When it comes to staying the course, perhaps nothing is more critical than a person’s deep desire to find something more.  You get what you seek.