You Can Defy the Laws of Nature

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Since I am an engineer I often look at the world through a scientific lense.  Many people have been led to believe that such a perspective is the antithesis of faith, but actually the opposite is true if you’ve got the courage to accept it.  Anyway, allow me to rant with my engineering hat on.  The world is filled with inputs.  There is almost no limit to the number and variety of stimuli in this world.  The world is also filled with processes that are going on constantly.  Those processes take inputs and produce something different as an output.  What most scientists know is that all physical processes result in the loss of available energy or potential.  That is a very rough version of the second law of thermodynamics.  Physical processes take inputs and produce an output that is somehow inferior to those inputs.  This is why our whole universe is slowly moving toward a heat death.  But human beings have been given a special ability.  Human beings can defy this law.  Not in a physical way, but perhaps in a more important way.  You are a process that can take inputs and produce an output that is more valuable and more significant than those inputs.  That is what the parable of the talents is talking about.  You have been given something of value.  It is everything that makes you a miraculous process.  When you go and live that out you produce something of far greater value.  Jesus defied just about every natural law we know about, but none of them is as significant as how he produced life where there was only death.  He made His expectation clear in the parable of the talents.  You can and should to do the same.  Don’t hold back.  Take all the inputs you get from this world and offer your beautiful output back.  We are desperate for it.