You Are Probably an Acquired Taste

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All the flavors I enjoy the most these days are tastes that I had to acquire; red wine, black coffee, olives, hard cheeses, sushi, liquor.  My first experience tasting any of these flavors was an awful one.  If I were not confronted with countless opportunities to try these foods and was not encouraged to do so, I would never have learned to like them and my enjoyment of the world would be something much less than it is today.  Do you realize that your whole life is an act of giving to the world?  Stop serving bland fast food simply because you know that people will eat it without a complaint.  You get a small return from this kind of giving. Start serving your bold, disruptive, startling flavor.  At first they will find it bitter and react accordingly, but once they acquire a taste for it they will beg you for more and they will pay big money to get it.  There is nothing else like it in the world.