Yield to God

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That’s what we’re supposed to do right?  I have to admit… my heart sinks.  For me, this has always meant that I’ll have to let go of my dreams, that I am resigned to a life of duty and obligation, that I’ll have to buckle down and try to love all the things in my life that make me feel trapped.  The truth is that when we refuse to yield to him we head down a path that traps us in the very small stories that most of us live in.  If you look at the lives of people in the Bible who have given themselves over to God you see lives of wild adventure.  It is unbelievable what their lives are like.  Think of the prophets and the disciples.  The problem here is with our image of God, and what we think he is like.  If we could get a good picture of what he is like we would know that to yield to him is to set out on a wild adventure.  Now I would give everything I have arranged for myself in exchange for that… any day!