Who Are You Really?

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What would you do if there wasn’t a system in place telling you what to do… a system telling you what is expected of you and what success and good behavior look like.  You may not realize it, but there is a system of every imaginable variety waiting for you no matter what path you set out on.  A system for every career.  A system for the morally convicted.  A system for every political persuasion.  Like “The Matrix”, these systems hold people hostage.  The real question is, “Who are you?”

We were the original crown of this creation.  We were the reason that the God of the universe came back and gave his life. To restore you to that original glory.  If you spend your life towing the line then we all have lost out.  Finding out who you really are would be a worthwhile endeavor.  You’ll have to stop giving the system what it asks of you.  You’ll have to ask your father in heaven.  Be careful, setting out on this path changes everything.  There is no turning back.