Who Am I?

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“There is no normal life, Wyatt. There’s just life.” – Doc Holliday (Tombstone)

Humans are wired to look for the way.  We are subconsciously searching for a path.  We are trying to get somewhere.  We know we have not arrived.  We have this deep hunger for something more and we are looking for some indication of a path that might take us to where we were meant to be (wherever that is).  The systems that we find ourselves in offer a path.  They suggest that if we just work our way through the process that they have set up, we will arrive somewhere significant.  We spend our whole lives working our way through these systems; education, corporate, religious.  We commit ourselves to them, and in the end we realize that we have been deluded.  These systems lead nowhere.  We spend our years living a normal life, but that normal life is not our life.  It was someone else’s brainchild.  It’s absurd to think that we could define a normal human life and then encourage people to go and live it, as if humanity was our idea.  Though these systems were intended for good, they do such damage.  They keep us preoccupied so we never really seek out an answer to our question.  What question? “Who am I?”  We try to answer that question with words like doctor or writer or engineer or pastor.  Those words don’t even touch that question.

So our question is a question of identity and there is only one place to turn for an answer, your creator.  He had something specific in mind when he dreamed you up and he has made provisions to recover it.

What follows is the expectation that you will put that identity into the world… risky business!  The scenario described in the parable of the talents is not about money management.  It’s about the real you being put into the world and the real risk associated with that.