When Your Enemy Takes No Prisoners

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“He is dead who will not fight” – Julian Grenfell

When you are at war, as we are, and your enemy, like ours, is the sort who takes no prisoners, there is no combination of difficult circumstances or limited options that should cause you to surrender.  You must always stay the course.  There is no potential for a viable truce with this enemy.  If the odds are against you, you can’t afford to draw back.  You must fix your eyes on the goal.  You must never be turned aside.  You must never acquiesce.

What is the goal?  Life, freedom, joy, everything your pure heart longs for.  It is inevitable that you will reach a point where such things seem no longer possible.  You will reach a point where all of your battle plans seem to have failed, where all of your strain and struggle appear to have amounted to nothing, where every last shred of the evidence you relied on for hope has disappeared from view.  This is where everything hangs in the balance.  This is where your enemy will want to make a deal.

Those great ones in Hebrews 11, they didn’t suffer because people thought they were weirdos.  They suffered because they refused to make a deal.  They would not settle for the counterfeits that this world has to offer.  They got a glimpse of the real thing and were holding out for it (Hebrews 11:13).  That’s how our King, while hanging from a cross, deprived of all evidence, gave it all.

Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed (John 20:29).