What’s in the Box?

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“There’s an exercise that Patricia Ryan Madson describes in her wonderful book, Improv Wisdom. (Ms. Madson taught improvisational theater at Stanford to standing-room only classes for twenty years.) Here’s the exercise:

Imagine a box with a lid. Hold the box in your hand. Now open it.  What’s inside?  It might be a frog, a silk scarf, a gold coin of Persia. But here’s the trick: no matter how many times you open the box, there is always something in it.  Ask me my religion.  That’s it.  I believe with unshakeable faith that there will always be something in the box.” – Steven Pressfield (Do the Work)

Is there something in the box?  Is there something more?  Is there something deeper yet to be discovered?  You have to answer these questions for yourself every day.  You will have to fight to believe it… every day.

If there isn’t something more then you should just sit there.  There’s no sense in facing all the risk and the effort and the pain all for nothing.  You should just watch television or eat some ice cream.

But if there is something more, you’re going to want to take hold of it.  This isn’t some broad belief in God’s existence.  This is right there in front of you.  This is about your day tomorrow.  This is about your heart.  You will have to fight to lay hold of your true life and you will have to fight to believe it is right there… not a million miles away in eternity… right there.  Fight like hell for it!

By the way, you are the box.  If there is something more, it is within you.  If there is something in the box you should bring it out and show the rest of us.  It’s worth the risk and the effort and the pain.

“Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.” – 1Timothy 6:12