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As you endeavor to find your life’s work and give it to the world, you are going to encounter unbelievers.  These are people that don’t understand your work or do not have eyes to see the value that you deliver.  Unbelievers can make it very difficult to follow your calling.  They can take the power out of your gift.  Jesus Christ himself encountered these people.  There were certain areas where He was not able to do miracles because the people did not believe in Him.  His home town was one of the biggest problems for him. We can learn a lot from how Jesus handled this.  He left these unbelieving areas and went to do His work for people who believed in Him.  He didn’t let the unbelievers cause Him to question the validity of his work.  He didn’t get side tracked.

As we set out to invest our talents, people are going to come along who just don’t “buy it”.  Many of them will be from our own home base… our own families, churches, and workplaces.  I think the key is to find your believers and give your gift (talent) to them.  They get it.  Don’t let the unbelievers take you out and don’t waste your time and energy trying to win them over.  Go and find more believers so you can bless as many people as possible with your gifts.  This is your life’s work.  If you have no believers it is because you have either been unwilling or unable to give your gifts from your heart.