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At some point we just have to be honest and admit that we are thirsty.  I am sitting here in my cubicle on a wintry day in March and I am thirsty.  I want more.  Why is that so hard to admit?  We feel we’re not good little Christians if we need more than what we have.  It feels like we are being ungrateful, or that we are doing something wrong.  Why do we feel inclined to pretend that we can deal with it?  “We can make due with what we’ve got”, we say.  “We’re going to make this work.”  Jesus seemed to reach out to people who knew they wanted more.

“Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink” – John 7:37

If you phrase it another way he is basically saying, “if you want more come and get it”.  He knew we would be thirsty.  There is no use in pretending we are not.  We need to be honest about our thirst and then go and drink.