There is a Third Option

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You have a choice… you can work hard to become really good at operating within the system, or you can just acquiesce and live a life of resignation.  That is the paradigm that most of us live with.  Some of us go and push really hard to be good… good at the system.  The system could be religious or corporate or any other system that we are trying to navigate to make something of ourselves.  Others can’t stomach the system so they have given themselves over to a life of resignation and various forms of addiction… anything that will numb that hunger within.  Many of us live with some combination of these two options.  Meanwhile the real treasure in this world, which resides in the heart of people, is buried.

Wait!  There is another option… you can stand up and change things.  It doesn’t help us if you just fill one of the slots in the system.  It doesn’t help us if you just give up and go to sleep.  It’s you that we need!