The system is killing you

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“Almost our whole education has been directed to silencing this shy, persistent, inner voice.” – C.S. Lewis

Much of what you were taught growing up about what you are supposed to do in life is keeping you imprisoned.  Most of it pretends to be morality but it is really the art of silencing your heart.  If you think about what you really want, that something that burns deep within you, you’ll quickly realize that the system has no place for it.  That’s probably why you’ve had such trouble understanding what it is or what you could do with it.  That’s probably why you’ve ruled it out.  It feels like rebellion or a fairytale.  The system has a whole variety of predefined roles for people to choose from and your education has been all about trying to get you to fit into one of them.  Ambition is all about trying to get to a better role.  None of it has anything to do with who you really are.

What we really need are people who stop trying to fit into the system and start offering themselves.  This may sound simple at first like taking up a hobby or joining a club, but that’s not what I’m talking about.  What I’m talking about changes everything.  It is the sort of thing that draws people together, starts revolutions, brings new freedom, exposes the system for what it is, and changes the world.

It all starts with your heart and you can see why that is the center of the mission Jesus Christ.  Everything else waits for the healing and freedom of your heart.