The Song You Want To Hear

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I was working on filling up my Amazon Prime music library the other day and having fun doing it.  I was pulling out all kinds of songs from my past by Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkle, and Pink Floyd  along with some newer songs from… Zach Brown, Pentatonix, and Eminem (I know he’s angry but dude’s got skills).  I’m amazed by all of the good music that gets created every year.  You would think at some point we would run out of room for more.

Interestingly, I couldn’t quite satisfy myself with the right song.  I kept listening to the first minute of a song and then skipping to the next one.  It’s like I was looking for some specific musical form and couldn’t find it.  There is certainly no lack of skill in the Amazon music library.  It’s not like I was finding shortcomings in the songs I was selecting.  I could feel that certain new songs are needed… like I will recognize them when I hear them.  It feels as though the world has already made room for them though it isn’t clear exactly where they will come from or what they will sound like.

I imagine that there is an artist somewhere who is contemplating his/her next piece (or maybe its their first piece)… thinking of engaging in the creative struggle… not sure where it will take them or if the world will accept it.  But the world already has.

Think about this in light of your own passion.  The world waits for your contribution.  There is some work of art that you are uniquely positioned to contribute.

An insight, a human connection, a display of compassion, a reason for hope, or something of beauty.

Its not about skill or popularity or

Whatever stirs you probably stirs someone else, and that someone else is wondering where to look for that missing piece.

Maybe its time to make your own music…