The Open Sea is Calling

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Our absolute autonomy might be the scariest thing about life.  It’s one of the reasons we constrain ourselves with dogma and culture, so we don’t have to steer our ship in this world, so we don’t have to choose a direction and set out.  I remember visiting a local amusement park when I was a kid.  One of my favorite rides was called the Log Ride.  It was a kind of water roller coaster.  You sat in a small log-shaped boat and floated through a series of manmade water channels.  The best part was when you got pulled up a large roller coaster hill and then went zooming down the other side into a pool.  You usually got soaked from all the splashing water.  I think there is a part of us that likes the safety of a contrived adventure like that.  We like the predictability of a man made ride.  There is no risk.  You just coast down a channel guided by the bumpers on either side. 

Are you just going with the flow?  Are you living a life that just simulates the wild adventure that you were created for?  It can still feel real, but you aren’t steering.  How can you tell what effect you might have on the world when you don’t make the decisions about where you will go and what you will do?  Get out of the log ride and head out on the open sea.  It’s dangerous, sure, but you will be the one steering and you will get to find out what you’re made of.  Getting outside the bumpers is no easy task, by the way.  You’re probably going to have to stop the ride and tip your boat over.  It will be very disruptive, but it is just what you need.  The best part is your creator knows what you’re made of and He’s the one who called you to set out in the first place.