The Joy is in the Freedom

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Have you ever noticed how distasteful it is to do a good thing when that thing is not optional, when you are required to do it?  I remember being a kid and deciding to do some good deed such as share a toy with my brother or clean the closet without being asked to do it.  I remember a couple isolated incidences when that good deed was completely ruined.  Here is how it would happen; just as I was about to do the good deed, one of my parents would walk up and let me know in no uncertain terms that I would be required to do it.  We must have had the idea at the same time.  Once the good deed was compulsory it lost all of its meaning.

That is part of the power of free will.  When we exercise it to do good, we receive the joy a person should receive for doing something worthwhile.  In addition, the beneficiary of that good deed receives the joy of receiving a gift from someone who gave it freely.  When the good deed becomes a requirement all of its power is removed from it and both the giver and the receiver are left with bitterness.  Welcome to the state of affairs in our country today.  We have a Federal government who has stolen so much of the joy that freedom used to offer in our country.