The Good News

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Have you ever felt embarrassed for someone else?  It’s usually because they have been exposed or because they have failed to maintain that false dignity that we all hide behind.  Maybe they had too much to drink, or were singing at the top of their lungs in their car, or got laughing too hard and lost all composure.  The discomfort that we feel when we see that happen to someone else is telling.  I think it reminds us of the version of ourselves that we keep hidden just beneath the surface.  Imagine if that got out!

We fear exposure more than just about anything else.  We are all working very hard to present ourselves as composed respectable human beings.  There are moments, however, when we lose our composure and something deeper leaks out.  It feels like a release.  It feels more authentic… but it is way too risky and embarrassing and we vow to never let it happen again.

I’ve spent a lot of time writing about coming alive, taking action, and offering your gifts to the world.  I feel very passionate about that topic, but it quickly uncovers a much deeper issue.  We all have been wounded and need to be healed.  We are all hiding.  How can we offer ourselves to the world when we are hiding?  Jesus came to redeem and heal that true self.  That’s the good news.  As he does this work the composure we have hidden behind becomes the enemy.  We have to let it go so that we can offer our true selves, but first we need to be healed.