A Story Worth Telling

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The Bookworm

“The bookworm” by Carl Spitzweg 1853


As the story of your life unfolds you might wonder at all the difficulty you deal with.  Do you find yourself saying things like… Why can’t I just get what I want? Why am I so thwarted in all of my efforts? Is anything ever going to come easily for me?

Chances are if you were the author of your own story, the storyline would be different than the one you are living. Perhaps you already have one in mind. If you’re like me, it involves making life quite a bit easier than it has been so far. Here is an idea I had for myself;

An all-around good guy finds himself living a “normal” life and through a small amount of low-risk effort and a lot of luck he becomes independently wealthy.  He develops a taste for fine wine and fancy cars. He relaxes and enjoys an easy life while working to further develop and refine his expensive tastes. His wealth becomes so great that he is able to give money away to all the people he meets including the needy. Everyone loves him for it.

What do ya think?  If it were a movie would you watch it?

It’s just not a very good story. It simply doesn’t stand on its own as a narrative that is worth reading or listening to. No depth. No intrigue. No character development.

Even professional story tellers struggle to make this kind of story interesting. Think of all the reality TV shows that depict the un-reality of some spoiled rich person’s life. Anyone who pays attention to a show like that is only doing so for voyeuristic pleasure or because he wonders if such circumstances are a possibility for his own life. The story is rubbish. Have you ever wondered why people who find themselves in this kind of story encounter the most dramatic disruptions? People are not left alone to waste away in the death that is an easy, self-indulgent life. They too receive the mercy of disruption. They too are given opportunities to step into a better story… or they can sit back as it all unravels.

The story of our lives is going to involve real trial, real difficulty, real risk, and real moments on the edge of disaster. If we enter it with our hearts wide open, in the end, it will be a story worth hearing… a story worth talking about.

There is an author at work here.  He is not only an author, he is also a perfecter, and so character development might just be his top priority as the story he is writing unfolds.

If you look around yourself with discerning eyes you will see how much of an artist He is. If you read the chronicles of history you will see what a story teller he is.

It won’t be safe. It won’t be easy. But, it will be a story worth telling. Fear not. You are in good hands.