Slugging It Out

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Your stuff… you know, the stuff you were meant to bring to the world, the stuff God entrusted to you… it isn’t ready yet.  It isn’t as good as it was meant to be.  It isn’t what you want it to be.  It needs to be refined and perfected, and the only way that happens is by offering it as if it were ready.  The key to getting there is slugging it out through years of offering a work in progress.  That’s you, a work in progress.  The scary part is that the progress doesn’t happen without the act of offering.  You can’t perfect it in the comfort of your own mind.  It can only become what it was meant to be through the sustained act of putting it out into the world.  This takes some serious fortitude.  The great ones are the folks who stumble and fail on their way to a place where they can change the world with their gift.  Everyone else will just keep waiting until theirs is perfect.