Say Goodbye to Normal

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Do your dreams involve living a normal life with normal relationships, a normal job, and normal habits?  Have you ever looked at the life of a normal person who is dead and gone and secretly hoped that you could trudge on to finish with that same kind of life?  Do the people who inspire you the most live normal lives?  I doubt it.

No matter what your definition of greatness is, I bet it deviates drastically from normal.  I’m thinking that normal is the enemy.  If we long to live an abnormal life then why do we spend our lives doing normal things?   The way we give, the way we entertain ourselves, the way we love,  the way we risk, the way we work, the way we eat; in so many ways we succumb to the pull toward normal and it all adds up to a normal life.  What if we let it all go.  What if we ask ourselves what we were created for and what we want in life and then move towards that?  What if we ask God?  Why is that out of the question?  Why is that so scary?  …because now you’re staring into the void.  Now you have to decide what to do next.  In the absence of normal you are confronted with the question of your self.  You have to go about discovering what it was supposed to be.  The greatest among us simply choose to go there.  They choose it every day.  It’s not a moral obligation.  It’s what we all really want.  Don’t start with preconceived notions of greatness.  They are bound to lead you astray.  Start with your heart and be courageous enough to listen to what it has been saying for all these years.