Rock the Mic

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Waaayyyy back in the distant past (15 + years ago), the question for anyone who wanted to make a statement was a question of whether or not you would get a turn at the mic.

“You only get one shot do not miss your chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime…”

It was up to the founder of the feast, the thrower of the party, the organizer of the show, the leader of the movement, the gatekeepers.  If you got your turn, the question quickly became, will people be impressed enough to voice their approval which, in turn, would lead to more chances.  You probably had about 15 seconds to make your case.  Fail to deliver and you’re done, rock the mic and you live to fight another day.

It’s crazy to think that today the gates are wide open and there is no gatekeeper, no sanctioning body.  We all have today’s equivalent of a microphone.  We all have the opportunity to speak to those who have shown up to listen (likers, fans, whatever).  Since there is no organizer, there is no one to tell the crowd who they should listen to.  There is no such thing as your shot anymore.  It’s extinct.

Instead, you have to earn trust and the right to be listened to over time.  This is done by caring enough to offer what you’ve got, day in and day out until people begin to depend on you for it.

The opportunity is amazing.  You can jump up and grab the mic and rock it for the long haul… or not.  It’s entirely up to you.

“Every moment is a chance to turn it around”