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“Resistance is always lying and always full of shit.” – Steven Pressfield

Regardless of your worldview or the religion you profess, you have probably noticed the fact that you face resistance.  I think most people recognize and acknowledge this fact.  There is conflict and difficulty in our endeavors.  I may not be able to convince you that my view of where this resistance comes from is true, but that may not matter for now.  I would like to expose the most basic tactic used by the resistance, wherever it may be coming from.

The resistance is bent on undermining your belief.  It focuses almost all of its attention on attacking your faith.  When I say faith I mean the notion that you could actually get what you long for and actually become who you were meant to be.  It’s a real possibility.  The moment you get the slightest inkling that it is possible… that you, the real you, could actually come to life and burst forth in all the glory you were created for, it shows up.  The resistance shows up to steal that inkling.  It has laid a lot of ground work in your life.  It makes an air-tight case.  It lays out the reasons and the evidence is clear…

… and then you’re back, back from your day dreaming, back from that crazy place.

That’s why they call it the good fight of faith.  The vast majority of the people you meet have lost this battle.  There are only a few who still think such a thing is possible.  The crazy ones.

If you’re a fighter, fight to believe.