Reminder Within

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“The yearning for freedom eventually manifests itself, and that is what has happened to the American Negro. Something within has reminded him of his birthright of freedom, and something without has reminded him that it can be gained.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


There is something deep and powerful in the message of MLK that speaks directly to us all. There is something in each of us that identifies with the struggle he spoke so eloquently about. Not that we could ever really claim to understand what countless God-created human beings endured through so many years of injustice, but somewhere deep down we long for freedom… our birthright, and we long to believe that it can be gained.

Our bondage pales in comparison to theirs, but it is bondage nonetheless. We share a small measure of that same fear and trepidation reinforced by decades of conditioning. It is because of that same fear that we are resigned to carry on as we always have. That is, until somebody wakes up and realizes they have an opportunity… no, an obligation to stand up and take their turn.

It is astounding to think of what can happen when a person responds to that reminder from within and chooses to become a reminder from without… no matter what the cost.

Happy belated birthday Dr. King!