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We can thank the true revolutionaries for the many great innovations that have shaped our way of life.  We seem to have a particular appreciation for those of them whose ideas had become accepted and well established before we came along.  That’s because we are spared the ugly reception that those ideas received when they first were introduced by their creators.  We get to enjoy the fruits of their courage, but miss the chance to see what it looks like when someone introduces something great.  Perhaps that is why we don’t recognize it when today’s great ideas come forth.  Perhaps that is why we don’t offer our own.  We spend our childhood testing our “stuff” out on the world.  The world rejects it and tells us to get in line.  The message is clear, “you have nothing great to offer”.  Most of us have now learned to walk in line and are dying inside as we go.

We need to know that our hearts, which we silenced years ago, are sorely needed.  We were meant to offer them, and the early rejection is just confirmation that they could change the world.  If you take a real good look at the greatest innovations, I think you will find something eerily familiar about them.  After all, they originated in human hearts and were rejected from the start just like yours will be.