Real Life Sucks

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“Real life” sucks.  It is within a magical story that we all really want to live… in a world that was created for us and that waits for our next move.  Real life, as most of us think of it, is just the context for something else, and it remains just a context until we wake up and enter it and interact with it and change it.  Then it becomes a story worth living in.

Why do we work so hard to be a part of the context?  Life is like a house.  There is furniture in the living room and dishes in the cupboard.  Most of us sit there still, part of the scenery, not realizing that the dishes, the furniture, the living room, the house, all of it is there for us.  If we don’t bring it to life then all of it is pointless.  We are the meaning behind it all.

Are we waiting for something to happen?

Do you realize that your creative power is needed to finish this creation?  Don’t look for cues or a precedent.  Bring your true self to it and let it play out.  What will you do?  What sort of story will it be?  It cannot begin without you.  You are the main character and we are all waiting for something to happen.