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Most of the religious activity in this world is an attempt to satisfy our desire for a rational concept of reality.  We long for something that makes sense of our lives and our world.  It’s amazing what we’ll settle for.  It’s amazing how tightly we’ll cling to it.

That’s the only reason science is a threat to some people’s faith.

The good news that Jesus of Nazareth brought didn’t speak to our thirst for answers.  How could we even know the right questions?  It was about being brought to life… being brought from a state of decay and death to a state of life.  A way has been made for that to happen and it doesn’t come close to providing satisfaction to our rational minds.  Can a two-year-old have any working understanding of where he/she is and where they are headed as they develop into an adult?  Do they have any understanding of the role that their parents play in that process… the nurturing, the instruction, the direction, the discipline, the things they say?  It has no rational meaning to the child.  The child lives completely by faith.  He/she is only aware of the desires within and the guidance from without… but they arrive if they embrace it.  We are seeing today what happens when it is rejected… when a child presumes to know more about life than his or her parents… big problems.

I don’t know much about death and I don’t know much about life.  All I know is that an offer has been made by someone who has displayed the utmost love and commitment.  The offer doesn’t make a lot of sense to my rational mind, but it shouldn’t.  I know within me that I want something more.  The rational approach works if you want to become the spiritual version of a well-informed 2-year-old, but if you want life you’re going to have to walk by faith.