Performance in the Corporate System

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Why don’t you hear about the use of performance enhancing drugs in the corporate world?  I’m sure there are substances that could be used to temporarily improve a person’s cognitive function or at least enhance their overall capability.  As we know, the use of performance enhancing drugs is a huge problem in professional sports… but you don’t see the same thing in the corporate environment.  I think I know why.  When you enhance a person’s capability you get more of what they were built to do or you get it at a higher level.  The human body was designed to be able to run and exert force so when you enhance it you get faster or stronger.  The human mind was built to create and innovate so when you enhance it you get more new ideas and more creativity and more courage.  Here is the revelation; the corporate world doesn’t reward this sort of thing.  The corporate world is still rewarding compliance, even now that the industrial economy is losing its prominence.  The corporate world still wants people who can follow the manual and do the standard work.  The corporate world has chosen safe and predictable over the high-risk high-reward proposition that each person represents.  Perhaps the use of a sedative would make more sense… something to keep you satisfied doing things that are nowhere near what you are capable of.

You don’t have to cheat to set yourself apart in the corporate world, just start doing the things that you know in your heart you were made to do and you’ll stick out like a sore thumb.

WARNING: They might not like it!