Old Patterns

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Its Sunday night and I’m staring down the barrel of another week.  We’re in that long cold grey stretch between the beginning of the new year and Easter.  We’ve got a fresh blanket of snow from the latest winter storm.  I’ve got a strong dose of the Sunday-night feeling that I remember having as a kid.  Here we go again.  Where is any of this toil going to lead?  What will come of it?

It’s an old pattern that I developed when I was a student in school that is resurfacing.  A pattern of drudgery and low expectations… of work that doesn’t seem to matter much in the grand scheme of things.  The primary education system does a number on some of us… especially boys.

Here’s the thing about patterns; you don’t have to conform to them forever, even if they have followed you around for as long as you can remember.  It doesn’t have to stay that way.  You can be transformed, and once you’re transformed you will be able to figure out where to look for real life (the right path for you).  And how, you may ask, does one become transformed?  By the renewing of your mind.  There is a different way to look at your life and a different perspective to be had.  A different way of thinking leads to a different way of living.  Find someone who thinks like you want to think and learn from them.  Read their books or listen to them talk about how they look at life. That’s the only way I know how to start.

Great news!  You can get rid of the old patterns.

Its true!  You can look it up (Romans 12:2).