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A scientific world view, while quite useful when it comes to controlling and predicting the physical world we live in, can compromise our ability to appreciate, or even see, the most valuable things in life.  Jesus of Nazareth so often used seemingly trivial things to reveal the most profound truths.  Have you ever wondered why?  Is is just so all of us simple folks could understand it?  I don’t think so.  There is a whole world that he is trying to open up to us… a higher order world where a deeper kind of truth resides.  The data that our physical sensors have taken in, and the way we’ve crunched it to create perception, doesn’t even come close to capturing it.  There is something deeper and more nuanced.  Looking to the scientific method for answers is like trying to describe a sunset in terms of electro-magnetic frequencies.  It is empty and lifeless.

Think of really good wine at a wedding feast (lots of it).  Think of fresh fish cooking over a fire on the beach.  These things take place in the Bible along with a very simple narrative, but they touch something deeper and truer than the most complex scientific theory.  The more I learn about Jesus the more I love him.