No Regrets

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Have you ever looked back on an earlier period in your life and wished you had the perspective then that you have now?  I feel that way about my experiences playing football in high school and college.  It was a period in my life that I enjoyed and I did fairly well, but as I reminisce I realize that I held something back.  There was some part of me that was afraid; afraid to fail, afraid of facing higher expectations, afraid of getting noticed.  The challenges seemed so daunting and risky at the time.  I find myself wishing I could relive it.  I don’t wish I were bigger or faster.  I wish I were more confident.  I wish I knew what I was capable of.  If I could send my young self a message it would be,

“Don’t be afraid.  Go ahead and lay it all on the line.  Risk it all.  You’ll be happy you did.”

I lived those years in a kind of survival mode.  I will never get those opportunities back and I have serious regrets about them.  Now that I’m older I realize how small that world was.  All those challenges have been replaced with others that seem daunting and risky right now.  I wonder what message I would send myself today if I’m given the chance in 20 years.  Something tells me that it would be the same message.  The question is, can I hear it?  Do I have the courage to believe it and act on it?

Think of those opportunities you wish you could have back.  Think of what you wish you knew back then and remind yourself of that now.  Live today so that you have no regrets.