No Alcohol for a Year

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I gave up the consumption of alcohol for an entire year.  I decided not to have one drop for the whole year.  I didn’t even toast on New Years Eve.  Actually, the year started on Easter Sunday of 2014 so I still have a couple months left to go.  Its not like I was getting drunk or that I had some kind of addiction problem.  I was drinking one or two glasses of wine every night with dinner.  It was one of those things that I really looked forward to… a well established habit.  Why did I give it up?… just because I could.  I felt like I wanted to flex that muscle in me that enables me to change things.  Here are a few things I’ve learned so far.

1. I can hardly believe how fast a year goes.  If you make any kind of one-year commitment, brace yourself.  It is going to fly.  At first, while you are counting the days in your new pattern it goes slowly.  Soon you settle in to a new normal and before you know it 10 months have gone by.  Its scary how quickly it goes.  I suppose that reminder is a valuable one.

2. The power to change something is an important one.  I am surprised at how much it did for me to execute it.  It helped me realize that all the details of my life persist because I allow them to (that’s mostly a good thing… but not always).  We get to decide.  This is easy to forget once habits and patterns go on for years and become so worn in you hardly realize that you have a choice.  It made me wonder what else I could choose to do.

I could write in a journal every single night no matter what.  I could decide to dedicate every single Tuesday night to some art form I’ve been ignoring for a while… no exceptions.  I could decide to watch the sunrise every single Wednesday morning no matter what time it is and no matter where I am.  I could give up drinking pop… maybe forever.

You really can!!!

These things may sound trivial, but they demonstrate the incredible power you have to direct your life.  When you’ve done it once, you can do it again on a bigger scale.  These decisions have everything to do with the person we will be in the end and what kind of life we will have lived.

You may want to brainstorm and come up with an idea for yourself.

A little advice… make the rules very clear.  There should be no question about whether you are following through or not.  Not one drop of alcohol… not one.