Make Us Feel

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How do you know if you have something to say?

Are you someone who feels?  Do you feel any tension,… disappointment,… angst,… longing,… fear?  Do you feel the distance between the life you’ve always wanted to live and the life you find yourself living?  There are other people who feel it too.

We’re not looking for a formal presentation, or a report on the facts.  We could hardly handle any more information.  We know it can’t be easily fixed.  We know how messy it is.

What we’re looking for is someone who feels deeply and who is crazy enough to talk openly and honestly about it.  We are looking for many people like this if possible… because we want to feel too.  That’s how we know we’re alive and connected.

Make us feel and we will listen… do it faithfully and we will count on you for it… make it your life’s work and you will change the world.


Remember, your authority (your right to speak up and lead) comes from the fact that you care and the fact that you are willing to sacrifice for the cause.  No one can question those things but you.