Living a Good Story

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“The truth is, if what we choose to do with our lives won’t make a story meaningful, it won’t make a life meaningful either” – Donald Miller

So imagine you’ve gone out to the movies with someone special and when the previews are over and the show starts you realize that the movie you’ve chosen is your own life story.  Aside from your own innate desire to reminisce, would it be worth watching?  Would there be enough conflict?  Does the protagonist have things that she wants badly enough to go after them?  Did she risk greatly in her pursuit of them?  Did she conquer obstacles while chasing what was in her heart?  Did she endure enough pain in her quest?  Has she rebounded back from the assaults that could easily have taken her out?

And then you reach the part of the story where you are living right now.  What does the protagonist do next?  What is the audience begging to see?  What are they hoping she will do?  They don’t want to see her fold.  They don’t want her to return to her safe place where the years will simply pass by un-lived.  They want to see her rise and emerge victorious.  What sort of story will it be?

The crazy thing is that I find myself clinging with all my might to the aspects of my life which make for a boring and meaningless story.  I’m not suggesting that there should be bank robberies and gun fights, illicit sexual activity and relationship drama, but I push so hard for things like order and stability, for good behavior and a life that goes according to plan.  Those things don’t make a good story.

But, to love without holding back, to sacrifice for things that are worth it, to endure through brutal resistance on your way to a worthy goal, to lean in and face the things that you are afraid of, to face great risk, these things make a good story.  So let’s go live one.