Let it Go (part 2)

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The baggage you are carrying may be the thing that is keeping you from walking through the door which now stands wide open in front of you.

Think of the last time you cleaned your basement, or moved the furniture from one bedroom to another, or moved from one house to another.  It is amazing how much junk you find in the process.  If you’re like me, you discover stuff that you forgot you had.  The changes that you want to make force you to throw things away that you don’t need anymore.  And yet, there is some part of you that doesn’t want to let them go.  Usually the desire to move to the new place, or change around the bedrooms, or clean up the basement is sufficient to get you to part with the junk.  There is something traumatic about the whole experience, but in the end you feel like you are making a new start, that you have left some old burden behind.

I don’t think you can walk through that open door without leaving stuff behind… and you are probably carrying much more that you realize.  Laying it down and walking through the door is going to feel traumatic, but on the other side you will find new life.  Let your desire for that new life pull you through that door and just let go of that old stuff.