Kids Day

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When my siblings and I were young there was a question that we used to ask my parents on every mother’s day and every father’s day.  We used to ask, “when is kids day”.  My parents would always answer, “every day is kids day”.  Now that I am a parent I realize that they were right.

I think God is going to say something like that to us some day… indicating that he has made every provision for our health and nourishment and exploration of the world.  Everything has been taken care of so that we can go and flourish and become the people he intended us to be.  That doesn’t mean that we will always feel good.  That doesn’t mean we won’t feel the pain of discipline and disappointment.  That doesn’t mean we will not feel resisted at times (or maybe often).  It does mean that despite all that, everything has been taken care of.  Let’s take advantage of it.