It’s OK to Lead

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I used to think that leaders were just people who were too inflexible and too selfish to live in a world that doesn’t bend to their own will. In some cases that is absolutely true. There are many leaders who are leaders because they simply can’t have it any other way. They walk into a room and dominate the conversation because that’s all they know. When it comes to making decisions they see themselves as the right person to decide just because that’s how they’ve always seen it.  These narcissists usually have themselves convinced that they are really serving the people they influence by offering access to themselves. What could be more wonderful than that!!!?

It is tempting to distance yourself from these people by vowing never to force your own will and perspective on others.  You might say things like, “I think this particular issue is a very important one, but I don’t want to force my opinion on anyone” or “People have to decide for themselves.” or “I’m not going to be the kind of person that walks around trying to get people to see things my way.”

Are those the only options?  Either 1.) You go hog wild trying to get the world to cooperate with you so you can build your personal empire, or 2.) You keep your thoughts to yourself and die with your song still in you?

No, we absolutely have to find the middle ground.

Just because a vision or a dream or a desire is yours, doesn’t mean it is selfish. Just because it has been given to you, doesn’t mean it would be pious to set it aside for the sake of selflessness or as an act of submission to God. What if the vision was given to you so that you could bring it to life and spill that life out into the world?   How else would God get you going but to put the desire in YOUR heart?

Be objective when you consider if your dream is good.  Seek the counsel of the wise to gain a clear perspective, but once you see that it is good, by all means, you’ve got to make it happen.

If there is some good work you want to do or some change you feel compelled to bring, make sure you don’t bury it. Should anything good be buried?  It would be a good idea to avoid the extremes above, but you’re going to have to get comfortable with changing people’s minds.  Put aside your guilt and your self-deprecation… for the sake of all of us.