I Would Be Satisfied

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“Come baby, shake me, come baby, take me, I would be satisfied” – Bob Dylan

Is it a choice, to be satisfied, or is it just something we observe about ourselves?  Zimmy seems convinced that if she will just shake him and take him that he will be satisfied.  How does he know?

I want to say that you just have to be the sort of person who is easily satisfied and then you will be, but I don’t think that’s true.  It’s not satisfaction you end up with that way.  It’s numbness.  You have to be the sort of person who wants something badly enough and then satisfaction becomes possible.  In that way, the more unsatisfied you become, the better positioned you are for satisfaction.  Tension and resolution… they are the key to most of the beauty in this world.  Do you find yourself straining for anything?  Is there anything that you’re really thirsty for? 

The reason the bard knows he would be satisfied if the object of his desire would respond to his beckoning, is that he knows how badly he wants her… and I think he is right.

Your deepest desires, those internal tensions, are what make satisfaction possible.  You can’t get by ignoring them.  You will die a slow death.  You have to seek the object of those desires.