Hungry? Take Action!

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Sometimes I am shocked at my appetite.  There are times when I just can’t seem to get enough of just about anything.  My desire to consume can be insatiable.  I’ll find myself overeating or going for another drink as if I’m feeding a ravenous monster.  Like any person trying to get control of some vice I’ll go through cycles of better control and then relapse.  People often talk about willpower when it comes to controlling your vices.  They are usually referring to a person’s ability to exercise control over their will.  If you’re like me you’ve put no small amount of effort into trying to subdue your impulse to consume.

I think we all have a deep hunger and I don’t think that it can be ignored or subdued.  I think you’ve just got to feed it the right stuff.  The exercising of your will, not to abstain, but to step forward is where true nourishment lies.  Giving up something you enjoy because it is unhealthy feels like suffering, and suffering for some remote notion like longevity is miserable.  But, ceasing a posture of passive consumption and beginning a posture of initiation changes everything.  The Bible indicates that doing the will of God is nourishing.  To go and invest your talents, to act, to subdue the earth, to let life from the very source flow through you and out to the world, there could be no hunger or thirst in that. 

Jesus said, “My food is to do the will of my Father”.  He didn’t say my food is to sit and think about my Father.  He didn’t say that His Father was the perfect alternative to replace food altogether.  Doing His Father’s will was His source of nourishment.  Taking the action that His Father called him to take sustained Him.  He needed nourishment.  We need nourishment.  He was sent to act and so were we.

Instead of giving up cookies go and start something new.  Write a book, start a book club, take a class, teach a class, visit that estranged relative, go ahead and put yourself out there… whatever He is leading you into.  It feels risky and that is why most people mope around with an insatiable hunger.  Start taking action and I think that you will find that some of those vices will lose their power over you.