Getting something… anything… out there

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From a recent New Yorker essay by John McPhee:

“The way to do a piece of writing is three or four times over, never once. For me, the hardest part comes first, getting something — anything — out in front of me…”

I think there is some truth here for any people who intend to offer something of themselves to the world.  First of all let’s remember that we are implored to do so.  The gospels utilize a money investment scenario to illustrate God’s perspective on it.  The parable captures the risk that is involved and also our tendency to cling tightly to what is ours… letting it out of our hands feels just like losing it.  We have it so protected and buried now that getting any piece of it out there as a starting point is an epic struggle.

So that’s where you fight tooth and nail… to get something out there.  Then, at least you’ve started… you’ve let some piece out.  Win that battle first.