The Future

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Corrie Ten Boom

Corrie Ten Boom

Our future is something we discover. We don’t make it, though we would like to. If we had the option, that is what we would do, but it is already made. Alas, we were hoping for something small and familiar.

Strange is a thing that was formerly familiar, removed by the passage of time, and encountered again… an estranged acquaintance, a dwelling from a former life, a childhood toy… our memory fails without the real thing present to constantly correct it. When we do encounter the thing many years later, the correction is alarming.

We are susceptible to the same error concerning the future, though the passage of time is reversed. The more distant it is the greater the potential for error. We don’t know the future in detail, but we sense it there waiting to be discovered. We sense the weight of it… its greatness, but do we keep it nearby to provide the needed correction? That is entirely up to us. We are free to narrow it down to something small and familiar if we so choose.

It almost seems within our power to change both the future and the past. Of course we cannot, but we can hide from them by avoiding the real things and the correction they bring. If we hide long enough they cease to belong to us… or rather we cease to belong to them.

Some have done this with the past. Most are doing this with the future. The choice is ours to hide and in hiding to forbid our future to come. It will come anyway, but we will have embraced something much smaller and more familiar.

Your future is already made, but you still have to discover it.

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” – Corrie ten Boom