Finding Your Place

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If you subject a guitar string to a tone from another source that matches its resonant frequency it will begin to vibrate and produce that same tone.  That tone is the sound that the string was designed to make.  That tone is tied to that string’s identity.  It is the music that is intrinsic to that string.  This doesn’t mean that the string will go on to produce that tone.  It may never vibrate and produce the music it is capable of producing.  This may seem like a bizarre topic for this blog, but it is a useful illustration for those who are seeking out their own identities.

Perhaps you have questions about your identity, your calling, your place in the story you find yourself in.  The answer to these questions lies within you.   Think about the things in your life that really stir you up.  Think about the things that move you.  Think about the things that touch something deep in your heart.  These are clues to the mystery of the music you were created to make.  Search for them and when you find them realize that you have found part of your song.  Then, figure out how you can start singing.  We all want to hear it.  We just don’t know it yet.