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The physical world we live in wants to move toward equilibrium.  It is a thermodynamic law.  Where there is heat it tends to flow out to cooler places so that it is evenly distributed.  When heat is isolated it has the potential to do something useful like warm a person or do work as part of a heat engine.  The action of this flowing is what we benefit from.  However, the action of this flowing brings us one step closer to equilibrium.  Universal equilibrium can be referred to as a heat death where all energy becomes evenly distributed across the universe so there can be no flow.  No work can be done.  No further processes can take place.  No life can exist.  This is where our universe is headed.  Any scientist knows that if our universe is a closed system it will end in a heat death.

This makes one wonder why God set this thing into motion, but we have to remember.  Things were different in the beginning.  The whole picture changes when you have an infinite source of energy (life).  In that case that energy, or life, can flow eternally out the way it was intended and there would be no end.  It would just expand and there would be no end to it’s increase (sound familiar?).  God is that source of life.  It was flowing into this world before things went wrong.  Even more astounding, we were the conduits of that life… hhmmm what must it have been like?

We should bear all of this in mind when we think of our redemption and restoration.  We know that God made a way whereby we can be restored to our original glory and have his life in us once again.  The scriptures make it clear that the damage is  irrevocable for the physical universe, but we are restored and now have that infinite source of life in our very hearts.  This opens my eyes to the importance of letting it flow out of me.  It’s the flowing that makes it useful.  As the rest of the universe dies the slow death of equilibrium we are living, breathing, taps into the limitless life of God.  I’m thinking we better not hold it in.