Does it Bring Life

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Take a look at your life.  Take a look at the things you have going on, the things you spend your time on, and the things you put your effort into.  If you’re like me, some of it is there for all the wrong reasons.


Just because it’s sanctioned doesn’t mean it’s good.

Just because you decided 20 years ago that it was good, doesn’t mean it’s still good.

Just because it is widely accepted (i.e. all your peers are doing it) doesn’t mean it’s good.

Just because it pays the bills doesn’t mean it’s good.

Just because you’ve always seen it this way doesn’t mean it’s good.


Of course the word “good” doesn’t quite capture it.  “Does it bring life?” might be a better question.  It’s hard to look at your life and realize how much of it you’ve already wasted, but the pain of that might be just the thing to get you to make some scary changes.