Divine Discontent

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“We have come to the wrong star … That is what makes life at once so splendid and so strange. The true happiness is that we don’t fit. We come from somewhere else. We have lost our way.”  G.K. Chesterton

There is great freedom in being able to admit that you want something else… something more. Chesterton refers to it as the divine discontent.  At first it might sound self-centered.  Who are you to be so focused on your own desires? Aren’t you supposed to set them aside so you can get on with living a normal life?

It turns out that living a normal life is exhausting, and despite all the effort it just doesn’t deliver, no matter who you’re living it for.

But, what else is there?

Well, look at the heroes… your heroes.  They were openly looking for something more… something beyond this world… a country of their own.  The disruption that ensues is, at very least, inconvenient.

We may, or may not, be hero material, but I think we owe it to the people around us to stop wasting our lives trying to make it work, and start embracing the happiness of not fitting.

I think good things will follow.