Damage Control

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“In navies and the maritime industry, damage control is the emergency control of situations that may cause the sinking of a ship.” – Wikipedia entry for Damage Control

Do you ever feel like you live your life in damage control mode?  “Emergency” and “control” are the key words.

Do we face any situations that really threaten to sink our proverbial ship?  I think of Jesus sleeping in the boat in the middle of a mighty storm.  He didn’t seem too worried and he was mad that the disciples got scared.  “Ye of little faith.”

Do we suppose that we could exert any measure of control over the situations in our lives?  Jesus, the God of the universe in human form, let his Father handle the plan.  He let control completely out of his hands.

The sinking ship and your control are both imaginary.  I say let them go so you can lift your head a get a glimpse of where he is taking you.