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“no one can be… subjected to the political power of another without his own consent” (John Locke)

According to John Locke, the legitimacy of political authority in a civil state depends on whether the transfer of authority has happened with the individuals’ consent.  I think this principle applies to all legitimate power and authority including religious and social authority.  Here are a couple interesting implications;

– the people who you consider to be legitimate authorities only have that authority because you gave it to them in one way or another… by giving them your time or attention or endorsement.

– Those people hold no special right to that authority.

– In most cases there is some system which eliminates true consent by limiting your options and hiding the truth.

The game is changing now.  The old authority structure is losing it’s leverage.  Now there is a void.  Now the world thirsts for an authority worth consenting to.  So why not you?  Whatever you do, do it with all your heart.  You were meant to be an autority on that.