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Thank God for change… the death of the old and the coming of the new.  Why do we resist it so fervently?  God brings it to us gently most of the time.  It’s as if he is coaxing us through it.  It comes to us like that first cool breeze in late summer hinting at the death of one season and the coming of the next.  We can resist.  We can cling to what we know, what we’ve grown comfortable with, even what we love, but change is happening whether we let it move us or not.  It will happen whether we allow ourselves to see it or not.  This whole thing is in motion whether you want to accept it or not and the movement is quite purposeful.  You can feel it like the rise and fall of a ship on the waves.  We are heading somewhere.  This ship has a destination.  We are leaving things behind and heading somewhere new.  You can stand up and look ahead, or you can waste away in the hold dreaming of dry land that is long gone.  Embrace the change.  Engage in this journey.  All the changes lead to a final place, one worth moving towards.  God beckons us through them in the face of our fear and trepidation because it is the only way to a place where everything is always new.