Broad Appeal

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Broad appeal is what everyone is after isn’t it… either to be that which is broadly appealing, or to be a consumer of that which is broadly appealing.  If you are a musician or a pastor or a writer or just about anything else…  the more people that feel good about what you are doing the better.  It is the measure of success in our society.  The masses can demonstrate their approval with their dollars or with their attention, and the feedback is crystal clear.  The problem is that it is a terrible guide.  Seth Godin is a master at explaining to us why a focus on broad appeal robs us of the really valuable stuff that people have to offer.

The greatest people who ever walked this earth, the people who really made a difference, did what they did because it was burning in their soul, not becaue they wanted to be appealing.  Broad appeal is a sign that you are not changing anything.  It should be a warning sign.  It might just be an indication that you are compromising.

God walked this earth for 33 years and his life would be considered a flop by almost any modern measure of success.